Things You Need to Know About Pharma Franchise Business in India

As we know that with the increases of population, the demands for the services and facilities increase. And India is 2nd largest country population wise. And to meet the needs for such a large population is a huge challenge. Along with such needs there is also a need for the medical facilities. And fulfilling these medical needs is a handsome or great opportunity for the ones who are looking to establish their feet in Indian Pharmaceutical Sector.

Pharma Industry in India mainly comprises of 2 types of companies:     

  • Branded/Generic Medicine/ Pharma Companies.
  • PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) Pharma Companies.

Branded /Generic Medicine/ Pharma Companies are the big players or market giants who have established their brand in the pharma industry. We can say that generic / branded pharma companies are those who have a really good brand value and presence in the market. They have their own team for the professionals for the promotions of products, events and smooth conduct of operations, because they work under a reputed management, who handle the operations. They have their own distribution and marketing teams and network, who sell their products to retailers by their agents and also their medical representatives do the product promotion by different ways.

On the other hand, PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) Pharma Companies uses a different approach over the established or Generic Pharma companies. They use the future focused approach, by making the use of Pharma Franchise Business Model. In this model, they allow or grant permissions to the individuals, retailers, and professionals who are seeking for an opportunity to excel in the Pharmaceutical Industry. In Pharma Industry, PCD model is used for marketing and distribution purpose. In simple words, PCD is a franchise business model that offers an opportunity to a person, resellers, distributors or other company to sell their products using their name and brand, which is termed as franchising a business. 

The PCD Pharma Business is spreading very quickly, because Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the biggest industries in India. The reason behind of this immense growth is that it is focused on meeting the needs of the future. In this model, PCD pharma companies provides their products, support, and their brand name to be used their franchise partner or so called pharma franchiser . Being a franchise partner, he can set his margin and promote their products in his zone. Here margins are high as compared to the investment made at the initial phase.

Here are some facts and information which may act as a guide if someone is willing to start a Pharma Company:
  • Starting a business requires a proper strategy and planning. It is better to have an idea about something before diving into it. It may involve online searching or gathering information from offline sources, like approaching the concerned and experienced persons of that field, attending workshops, seminar etc. related to the pharma industry. Because nobody wants that their company or business suffer from loses and results into a failure.          
  • Now, the next step is to select the type of pharma company, who you think will be best for your business based on the study and planning did before like PCD Pharma  The company, Pharma Franchise. Pharma Manufacturers, etc.  ·        
  • Analyze the competition and scope in your targeted location. After analysis finds an element to start with.
  • After selecting the starting element, it s time to define your objectives and services you are going to offer in your proposed business.     
  • Now after deciding objectives and services, now the most important phase comes that is financial resources like would you be able to bear all the expanses solely? If yes, then do some analysis of budget and expenditure and go ahead. If not, then you can consider having some partners in order to handle the expanses by contacting the concerned and interested persons in your network.
  • Finally, the most important phase comes is to have the cross-examination time to time in order to achieve a better result in the future like an investment, expenses, savings, etc.
In this way, you can run a successful pharma franchise business in smooth way by having a proper planning and strategy so that you never face the setback and can avoid the condition of a business failure.